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A number of parents at Esperance Christian School take this opportunity to get to know each other, contribute ideas to the school and serve.


The committee is involved in fund raising and aspects of community relations, knowing that their input is valued and respected, and building community.​


“It is great seeing parents being enthusiastically involved in school activities 

and serving the community in Home and School.”


There is opportunity at Esperance Christian School for all parents to be involved in their child’s education.


We encourage volunteers and believe there can be wonderful benefits for children, both socially and educationally, with parents being involved in the school.


This is encouraged in the classroom, with canteen, carnivals, fund raising, concerts etc.


We encourage and look for ways for all parents to be involved in school life.​

& School

The Home and School Association is made up of interested persons, whose primary role is to foster meaningful relationships between parents and the school, and in so doing contribute to the development of the children in the school. The Home and School Committee usually meets once per month at the school and provides a great opportunity for parents and others to get to know each other and extend friendships and aquaintences.


Briefly, the Home and School Association’s functions include: 

  • Promote Christian Education and promote the school to the community

  • Organise events that encourage parental and community engagement with the school

  • Conduct general educational meetings of interest for parents

  • Provide feedback on curriculum, safety, resources and capital expenditure

  • Assists with the direction of the school

  • Organise fundraising for school projects


Some significant contributions that the Home and School has made to the school include: 

  • Volunteers to operate the school canteen

  • Fundraising, enabling contributions to school excursions, playground equipment, library books,

  • Kindergarten infrastructure and general school resource

  • Assistance with our annual Book Fair, concert productions and sports carnivals

  • Active, positive promotion of our school to the local community

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