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Early Childhood


Kindergarten & Pre-Primary

3 year old – Pre-Kindergarten


Pre-Kindergarten at Esperance Christian School provides children with an excellent introduction into Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, with a play-based program which operates two half days per week. Our teachers and assistants are highly skilled and trained in Early Childhood. They openly enjoy teaching this age group. Teachers in following years have observed that our Pre-Kindy children grasp concepts of literacy and numeracy more readily, and it has helped them adapt to the routines of Kindergarten.

4 year old – Kindergarten​


The Kindergarten experience is a continuation of Pre-Kindergarten with quality teaching, where children are introduced to more in-depth academic concepts in a 3 day per week program.


Play continues to be a critical way that children of this age learn about many broad and complicated concepts, with a play-based program that weaves an introduction into numeracy and literacy through sensory experiences, and playing with language and numbers.



Pre-Primary continues the natural progress made in Kindergarten, with a play-based program that becomes more formalised and is a child’s first introduction into the WA curriculum, but with a flow on of the benefits that come from learning styles in Kindergarten.​

“It is an absolute joy for me as Principal to go into the early learning classrooms; observing our dedicated staff relating to students as individuals, and providing such a wonderful start and preparation for school. I have every confidence in my staff and their care for students at this young age. Children come with diverse backgrounds, knowledge and life experience, and our aim, in partnership with parents, is to build upon this foundation.”

3 Year Old Kindy Handbook

4 Year Old Kindy Handbook

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