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Lower Primary
Year 1
- Year 3

In Years 1 to 3 a differentiated curriculum is our high priority, with every child learning at their own pace, extended and remediated as needed, and with individual care of children by our teaching staff.


Our Junior Primary staff exemplify what we look for in all our teachers – the highest commitment to the individual needs of every child.


The differentiated curriculum we have for our students is of an extremely high standard. We see this as foundational for how we want to care for them.


In Junior Primary one of our key roles is teaching children to be learners. This is not only important for the Upper Primary years, but the foundations laid here will stay with children for the rest of their lives.


As part of the individual care for students the school uses a number of external providers, including occupational therapists, educational psychologist and speech pathologists. Children are nurtured socially and emotionally, with an emphasis on protective behaviours. 

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