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Our school is a haven as a place of learning. All our dedicated staff are committed to providing our students with a school that is safe, caring with many excellent learning opportunities.


We welcome parents and family members associated with our students and invite them to be actively involved in our school community. We value our parents' input, opinions and advice regarding their children, knowing that this supporting partnership is vital to the success of their children. 


Esperance Christian School is part of a large education system, Adventist Schools Australia. Esperance Christian School is inclusive, welcoming students from all races, religions and creeds. We promote a Christ-centred worldview but respect the beliefs of each and every student and their families.


Our school's strong Christian emphasis, permeates everything we do. We enjoy interacting with various Christian denominations within Esperance and appreciate the privilege of working together in the service of God.  

Delys Rogers

Esperance Christian School

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