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Welcome to Esperance Christian School.


For nearly fifty years, we have been a thriving Christ-centred learning community that is passionately committed to enabling every student to flourish in all aspects of their life. Our school appreciates the diversity of the families that are a part of our school, and the different journeys they have taken to join our school.

We are blessed with a beautiful, natural environment that allows us to facilitate regular nature play, and outdoor activities. We endeavour to provide practical, real-life learning experiences that promote critical thinking and problem solving; and build a deep sense of connection with nature that highlights our God-given responsibility to care for the environment.

With the support of parents and the community, the staff present each student with a Christ-centred curriculum for the development of all areas in their lives. Christ and His Word in the Bible should be central to the learning experience, and we encourage all our students to adhere to the biblical values of respect, responsibility, effort, compassion, service, integrity, resilience, humility, discernment, hope and justice.


Nicholas Boucher

Esperance Christian School

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