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Nature Space


There are incredible opportunities for learning and connection to the curriculum found in nature, whether it's mathematics through patterning or science in symmetry, even in observing and understanding the importance of birth cycles of animals and plants. 

Our nature space has now become a huge part of our school's framework that incorporates the local plant nature, veggie gardens and even animals to the student's daily school life.  This has shown to positively introduce students to empathy, care, and respect for God's creation. Not only do they learn how to interact with nature really well, they also learn to interact with each other with the same care, empathy, and respect. 


Proven benefits that students experience from Nature Spaces;


  • Teaches students to be risk assessors and develop skills to stay safe

  • It helps children develop creativity, responsibility, and become resourceful

  • Encouraging problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Increases physical and mental wellbeing


When the children have finished playing in this natural environment they are rejuvenated, happy and excited to challenge themselves and reach their fullest potential in the classroom. 

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